Putting Clients First

Fresh Coat- Putting Painting Customers First

Six Services Across Three Markets

As a Fresh Coat franchise, you will grow to sell six different services: interior painting, wallpaper removal, popcorn ceiling removal, exterior painting, cabinet and deck staining, and pressure washing. You will be selling these services to three very different markets: residential, commercial, and government. Each market is screaming for the professionalism of a Fresh Coat franchise, and each will help secure your place financially in different ways.


  • Residential Painting from Fresh Coat Painters


    Residential customers will be your most consistent client base. People rarely want the colors that are on the walls when they move in, and we all have our yearly home projects, whether they be inside or out. Your interactions here will build the foundation for everything else. Build a great reputation, and you’ll have your clients giving you thousands in free advertising to hot leads in addition to what they already paid you.

  • Commercial Painting Franchise


    Commercial opportunities will begin to appear as your reputation for excellence in the residential market makes people want to enlist your company help their own look just as professional! Commercial projects have bigger budgets, often with a “spare no expense” attitude to get whatever they need to impress their clients. Do well here, and reap the huge financial rewards.

  • White House Painted by a Fresh Coat Franchise


    Government projects are what business owners would love to do all the time. The government’s biggest concern is getting the job done well and on time. Going over on time or redoing work means spending more money than they originally allocated, and they would much rather spend more money upfront than not meet their budget. Build and keep up your reputation to get these dream jobs!


Fresh Coat is committed to leading the painting industry by driving platinum level customer service delivered by a team of professionals and painting experts. To do this, our franchisees only hire the most skilled and experienced painters, allowing their franchise businesses to offer 6 unique services. Our painters provide positive experiences from the initial quote to final touch-ups.