The Path To Ownership


At Fresh Coat, we want you to achieve your business dreams and succeed. That is why we offer a simple guide to help you begin your journey. You could be running your own Fresh Coat Franchise in less than two months!

Step 1 : Request Initial Information

Day 1

To learn more about Fresh Coat franchise ownership, fill out our Request Information Form on the right hand side of every page of our site. You will then receive our e-brochure and a Franchise Director will contact you to set up an introductory call. You will be contacted within 24 hours.

Step 2 : Get Connected with a Franchise Director

Week 1

You will be assigned to a Franchise Director who can answer any initial questions you might have and provide more detailed information about our franchising process. In order to efficiently tailor the process to your situation, you will be required to complete our Confidential Questionnaire.

Step 3 : Custom Territory Map & Demographics

Week 2

Fresh Coat ensures fellow franchisees are not directly competing with each other by offering exclusive territories. Based on your answers in the afore-mentioned Questionnaire, you will be sent a customized map with a detailed demographics report pertaining to the markets you will be serving.

Step 4 : FDD & Speaking with Franchisees

Weeks 2-3

A current copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) will be sent electronically for your review. You will also be given the opportunity to speak with Fresh Coat franchisees about their experience in owning and operating a Fresh Coat franchise and why they joined our family.

Step 5 : Corporate Visit for Strategy Meeting

Weeks 4-5

At this stage, you may be invited to Fresh Coat’s Corporate Headquarters in Cincinnati, OH to meet key executives and support staff. You will get an inside glimpse of Fresh Coat’s Marketing Team, with its strategy and resources, as we discuss our vision moving forward.

Step 6 : Franchise Awarded!

Week 5

Finally, Fresh Coat’s Leadership Team will review all of your information to determine if awarding a franchise is mutually beneficial for both you and the company. After your franchise is awarded, you will able to execute your Franchise Agreement and begin preparing for the opening of your business.

From here, the journey continues with Onboarding and Training to make sure you are ready to realize your dream of running your own business!