Fresh Coat Franchisee Brad Jennings Knew There Was A Better Way To Paint

Jennings said Fresh Coat’s professionalism is the biggest thing he admires about the brand

Brad Jennings and his wife, Yeny, became franchisees with Fresh Coat Painters because they wanted to bring professionalism back to the painting industry.

Before purchasing a Fresh Coat franchise in 2013, Jennings worked as a project manager for a general contractor. He was accustomed to running projects and coordinating subcontractors for a job, but he witnessed firsthand that the subcontractor process was flawed. He said he would hire painters who would be late to jobs and uncommunicative about missing work. He wanted to find an investment where he could focus on one trade and provide reliable and immaculate service for customers — his search led him to Fresh Coat.

“I had witnessed through my years that painters I hired for jobs were unreliable. I decided after a while that I wanted to be in a business where I could hire painters I knew were reliable and good at their jobs,” Jennings said. “Fresh Coat has provided me with a tremendous opportunity to not only provide clients with great service, but also the ability to make the industry better.”

What separates Fresh Coat from the competition is its employee-based model. It hires its own painters, not subcontractors, making the process as simple as possible. Fresh Coat President Tara Riley said their franchisees, and painters for that matter, are individuals that are passionate about the business.

“One thing I love about our Fresh Coat owners is how much passion they have for the business, for the community and for the people that work for them. It’s an amazing group of people,” Riley said.

The commercial and residential painting industry is booming with an estimated 259,775 painting companies in the U.S. However, Fresh Coat franchisees have the benefit of being equipped with systems that are proven to work, which take the costly guesswork out of owning a new business. As a home-based, turnkey business with low start up costs and an established partnership with Sherwin-Williams, Fresh Coat empowers franchisees to become entrepreneurs while providing extensive training and support to foster success. Prospective Fresh Coat franchisees can expect their estimated initial investment to range from $47,350 to $74,950.

Jennings said working with Fresh Coat has been a joy and one of the things he enjoys the most is having virtually no inventory. Great inventory management systems and a direct connection to suppliers have made the job simpler for him.

“In any type of new venture there will be some growing pains, but Fresh Coat has been a great partner in helping me overcome these issues and allowing us to succeed,” Jennings said. “The level of professionalism the brand has, and the resources they have provided, have been crucial to my success. Anyone would be lucky to invest with Fresh Coat.”

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