Painting Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you need any painting experience to be in the business?

    No—in fact, we prefer you didn’t have any. The projects will be done by painters you hire, who already have the skills and expertise to do the work. You are there to manage and grow your business. Everything you will need to know about starting and operating your business will be provided through our extensive training program and on-going support.

  • Do I bill my customers and maintain any account receivables?

    Absolutely not. It's a cash business. You are paid for each job upon completion of the work. In fact, unlike most painters, our system allows you to even accept most major credit cards

  • What kind of training can i expect?

    Fresh Coat offers a complete turn-key operation. During your initial training, you will learn how to operate a successful and profitable business. Our initial training program provides you with:

    • The training necessary to effectively bid painting projects.
    • The skills to hire quality painters who will be responsible for doing the work.
    • An understanding of your target market and all of the tools necessary to market your business.
    • The expertise to manage and organize your business through computers, accounting software, budgeting, and time management techniques.

    Our strategy is effective and powerful. When used properly, it will help build your business into a household name among friends, neighbors, realtors, and homeowners in your market.

  • What Type of ongoing support can I expect?

    Once you have reached your milestones, the support never ends! Your Franchise Business Consultant will be there helping you grow as an owner — answering questions, assisting in identifying new opportunities, helping you be innovative and sharing best practices from across the system. You will also have access to our robust intranet, webinars, regional meetings, national conferences and strategic planning. The list goes on and on

  • I already own my own business. Can I still open a Fresh Coat franchise?

    Yes. Several Fresh Coat franchisees also run other businesses. In fact, many business owners operating in areas of the broad “home services” industry are attracted to painting as a way to diversify their customer offering and bring in more revenue. Fresh Coat fits right in with a business model that requires no inventory and leverages partnerships with major brands to keep costs down and quality high

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